Our Commitment in Sustainability

At Mean Cases, our mission is to give everyone an opportunity to express themselves, but to do that, we all need to do our part to give the next generation a planet worth calling home.
For every package shipped, roughly one kilogram of carbon is emitted into the atmosphere. As a proud member of the Offset initiative, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint as one of our first steps towards sustainability.
Every month, Offset calculates the total emissions generated by our total shipped orders, and that number becomes a monthly Offset cost, which goes towards forest protection initiatives, with the support of Pachama.
In addition to Offset, we look to reduce excess packaging without compromising on quality. The poly bags used in our packaging are recyclable, low-density polyethylene.
Is this a perfect solution? No, not even close, but it is what we can do for the time being.  
Thank you for choosing Mean Cases.